Broken Tooth - Subtle to Serious Warning Signs

Monday, April 23, 2018

Taking your Vitamins | Cosmetic Dentistry in Macquarie Park

Thursday, March 08, 2018

In Australia, we are taught to avoid the sun from a very early age. It is reflected in our public service announcements, in our uniforms at school. No one likes sunburn, but recent research has shed some light on the importance of a controlled dose of sunshine. In its absence, our teeth – among other things – can suffer.

The only vitamin that our body creates for us, Vitamin D comes about as the result of a cholesterol in our skin reacting with UV rays, and are processed by your liver and kidneys in to a usable form. Without UV, your vitamin D levels remain low, which has real repercussions for your teeth.

Vitamin D plays a big role in the absorption and use of calcium, the building block for our teeth, as well as our bones and cartilage. In the absence of adequate Vitamin D, physicians note a strong correlation between greater likelihood of cavities, along with less bone retention in the jaw – something that can contribute to lost teeth. The value of proper intake, then, is high.

Luckily, we don’t need to risk a painful sunburn to gain adequate Vitamin D. Fifteen to thirty minutes of exposure around midday three times weekly is ample, with darker-skinned people requiring slightly more than those of us with paler skin. Should you be unwilling or unable to handle the sun for such a length of time, there are also Vitamin D supplements available at your chemist.

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Your North Ryde and Macquarie Park Dental Clinic and Responsible Drinking

Thursday, March 08, 2018

The summer months are the period when Sydney comes alive. The weather is glorious, and sitting outside and enjoying a drink is standard behaviour for millions of us. And why not?

Regardless of our enjoyment, however, it can pay dividends over time to take a good look at our drinking habits, and more specifically, our choice of libation. This decision can make a considerable difference in our dental health overall. Many people may shy away from sugary drinks at the pub, but adding a shot of vodka doesn’t suddenly negate their negative impacts on our teeth, and as your North Ryde and Macquarie Park dental clinic, we are keen to help preserve your teeth.

To be clear, alcohol is never ‘healthy’ in the purest sense, as we well know. Any dram should be taken in moderation, or risk neurological issues or damage to our livers and kidneys. But in regards to our dental health, some are distinctly better than others.

As with soft drinks, the combination of sugars and acids makes for tough going on your enamel. Without a dose of moderation, overdoing it can lead to cavities and pool gum health over time. Mixed drinks, such as rum and coke and whiskey and dry, are among the worst offenders – but even something as innocent as a vodka/cranberry contains of a teaspoon of sugar, which along with the acidity in cranberries, puts your teeth in a tough spot.

Worst of all, however, is the humble Bloody Mary. The acidic tobacco, Worcestershire, and tomato juice combine to create an onslaught of poor ingredients for your teeth. Instead, go for lighter, paler, less sugary beers, a citrus-free gin and tonic, or lighter reds, like a Pinot Noir.

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Preventing Broken Teeth and More | North Ryde Dentists

Monday, November 27, 2017

Oddly enough, the mouthguard was not initially meant as a way to protect one’s teeth. Invented in Germany before the turn of the century, the mouthguard was intended to protect a boxer’s lips from being cut in the midst of a bout. Soon, however, their ability to protect and cushion our teeth became obvious.

Mouthguards are now being employed in dozens of sports across Australia and the world, and their benefits have been aiding sportsmen and women to smile more broadly for many years now. They cushion and protect your teeth, lips, gums, and tongue from on-field blows. They prevent the ‘snapping’ shut of your jaw. They can prevent soft tissue and muscle injuries to the tongue and jaw. And they have also been linked to the prevention of concussions among young people.

These devices are in use across the more obvious, contact-based sports, such as rubgy, football, and lacrosse. However, they have been finding their way in to more and more arenas, including cricket, basketball, and even volleyball. The reasons are numerous: the players aren’t expecting contact from their opponents, and they can often come from blind angles. Recent research in to the long-term impacts of mouthguards has further compelled players to use them.

At North Ryde Macquarie Park Dental, we can fit mouthguards to the aspiring sportsmen and women in your family. Fitted to last, the use of a professional to fit your mouthguard ensures that it is fitted properly, so it won’t let you down at ‘crunch’ time, preventing broken teeth and unwanted visits to your North Ryde dentist.

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Youthful Diets: Advice from your Macquarie Park and North Ryde Dental Clinic

Monday, October 09, 2017

As we grow and develop, from infancy to adulthood, our teeth and mouths must grow with us. Perhaps the most spectacular example of our metamorphosis is the loss of our baby teeth, which are shed in our youth, making way for our permanent set. Our baby teeth only require a comparatively short window of maintenance, but of late, we at your North Ryde and Macquarie Park dental clinic have noticed that more and more young patients are developing cavities in these formative years. This occurs even among children as young as two years of age. We believe that a high sugar diet is the culprit.

When ingested, sugar turn into acidic plaque, and this attacks the tough enamel on the outside of your teeth. This becomes the resultant cavity, although it is a time-heavy process. Naturally, the higher the amount of sugar content, the faster the process will occur. The problem is related to the amount of sugar being added to our foods today. Ordinarily, sweet intake can be dictated by the parents. However, sugar is now being added to so many foods – including some you might not realise, such as breads or granola bars – that it is far more difficult to avoid.

This could be because of its ability to mask unpleasant tastes, but regardless, it has become a problem of increasing worry for dental professionals. As your Macquarie Park and North Ryde dental clinic, we tell many parents that they must ensure they are on top of their child’s food intake, or risk visiting us more often.

Prosecco Caution from your Macquarie Park and North Ryde Dental Clinic

Monday, October 09, 2017

The summer has, at long last, swept down upon us here at your Macquarie Park and North Ryde dental clinic, and with it comes a change in taste. We no longer look for the heavier, more stupefying foods of the colder months. Rather, we want something lighter, and tartier, on the palate.

This reality is played on both our plates and in in our glasses, and in recent years, the classic Italian beverage of prosecco has become all the rage in Sydney’s bar scenes. A carbonated wine beverage, prosecco is served cold, and its tart sweetness and easy-drinking nature has proved it ideal for many in this city, during the warm months, in particular.

However, this drink hides a dark secret. It is among the worst of all alcoholic beverages for your pearly whites. Its acidity, along with its high sugar concentrations – as much as one teaspoon per flute – provides a double-whammy.

It is worth highlighting a number of fellow poor choices in the drinker’s market. The innocent vodka/cranberry is another poor choice, as many cranberry mixers have been heavily sugared to remove their inherent sourness. Whiskey or and rum and coke mixes are similarly bad, but the worst is the innocent hangover cure, the Bloody Mary. Its sky-high acidity presents a tough go for anyone’s teeth, with the only benefits coming from the celery.

Luckily, there are some good options for the summertime drinker. Cava and light beers provide low-sugar and cool options. The humble, yet classy, gin and tonic is good too, especially if you avoid the lime. Better yet, create your own mixers using organic fruits. Your teeth will thank you for it.

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The Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The pace of advancement in modern dentistry has been profound. We now have the capabilities to not only restore functionality to a set of teeth, we can go one step further, and make them aesthetically pleasing, strong, and long-lasting. Along with this, our procedures are now pain-free, fast, and effective. It is a privileged time to be in our profession.

Cosmetic dentistry in North Ryde and Macquarie Park should never be viewed as something geared to the vain. The term is a broad one, capturing any procedure that restores both form and function. But this practice also speaks to the abilities of modern dentistry to improve our overall quality of life. An improved smile can aid our self-confidence, and as an extension, alter our interactions and our drive.

There are a raft of procedures on offer to improve the look and feel of your teeth. If you are suffering from gum recession, a gum recontouring process can improve your lot. Teeth whitening can whiten and brighten your smile, while orthodontics can improve issues such as crowding and crooked teeth.

Innovative veneers, crowns, and bridges can help to repair trouble spots, and fill in large gaps between your teeth. They are built tough, as tough as your natural enamel, so as not to fail you for a long, long time. They are also colour matched, so they won’t stand out from the remainder of your teeth.

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