Implants have become an important part of modern dentistry. A dental implant can be thought of as an artificial tooth root that is submerged into the jawbone. The material used is a very strong biocompatible material. The bone grows to the implant and bonds to it.Dental Implants - North Ryde Dentist

Dental Implants are used to replace lost or missing teeth, and are in many circumstances the best option. Implants can be used to replace single missing teeth, multiple teeth or as support for dental bridges or dentures.

Dr Stephen de Bruyn has been providing dental implants in North Ryde and Macquarie Park for the last 15 years. There are various implant systems, the more common of them known as the Nobel Biocare system.

The most important benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improve appearance. The loss of a tooth causes your jawbone to shrink and make your face look older. Implants help to prevent that.
  • Implants are in most cases a lifelong replacement for lost teeth.
  • Eat what you want. Implant supported replacement teeth are like natural teeth.
  • They are anchored securely to your jawbone and allow you to eat and chew what ever you like.
  • Implants eliminate the need to modify healthy teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. Teeth next to missing teeth are often ground down for dental bridges.

We offer all of the benefits of dental implants to our patients in North Ryde and Macquarie Park. We will be sure to quote a price before extensive treatment is commenced.

We are located on Lane Cove Road, only 2 min walk from Macquarie Park train station.

The area that is now North Ryde was once known as Wallamutta by local aborigines. After the arrival of the First Fleet, it become an area of rich market gardens and farms, and now features one of Sydney’s fastest-growing commercial areas.

Macquarie Park lies to the north of the central business district of Sydney, fifteen kilometres across the Harbour Bridge. Easily accessible off the M2 or a commuter train, the area features both a growing commercial hub and a university.

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