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There are situations like gum pain, toothache, losing a filling or a crown or broken tooth that require immediate attention. As one of the leading emergency dentists Dr Simita Sehgal and her team will be there to ease your problem and make sure you go back to your daily routine pain-free.

We have been providing high-quality emergency dental services across the North Ryde area for many years, and no matter what is causing a problem, we will be able to quickly detect it and suggest the best treatment that will instantly make you feel better.

Since dental emergencies can happen all of a sudden, if you think that you have an urgent issue, you just have to get in touch with us and we will prioritise your case and access your need with professionalism and care. The fast reaction will not only reduce your pain, but it will also lower chances of developing an infection or other complications.

Knocked-Out and Broken Tooth

One of the common emergency dental situations is a knocked-out and broken tooth, especially when it comes to children. Although many people are frightened when this happens, it is very important to stay calm and get to our dental clinic in North Ryde as soon as possible. In case that you can locate the knocked out tooth, you can pick it up and bring it to us, so we can try to put it back to its socket if possible.

It is very important to remember that you should never touch the root of your tooth when picking it up. Instead, pick the tooth up at the top. Depending on how quickly you can reach our office will determine whether we can put it back in its socket or not. 

Make sure to visit our emergency dental care Sydney center so we can prevent further complications.

Lost Filling or Crown

This is something that happens to many people, and if you realize that your filling or crown has fallen off, try to catch it before you swallow it or lose it. After that, make sure to give us a call immediately so we can determine necessary treatment and prevent the damage to the other teeth or bridge.

Regular dental care can prevent this problem because during the check-ups we can detect potential problems with filling and crowns as well as open margins or uneven wear before it falls out. We will also recommend proper oral hygiene to control bacterial plaque and decay that can form around a filling.

If left unresolved, a missing filling or crown can lead to a root canal and cause you to lose your tooth. Because of that, we advise you to visit our emergency dental care Sydney center as soon as these problems occur, so we can determine the type of restoration.

Contact Our Emergency Dental Care Sydney

Receiving immediate care in these situations is essential for saving or losing your tooth, so even if you are unsure if you are facing a dental emergency or not, don’t hesitate to contact us, your trustworthy emergency dentist, right away.

The emergency appointments are available in our office located in Macquarie Park upon request. Just make sure that you contact us right away, and we guarantee that you will receive adequate care and all necessary instructions about what to do until you reach our office.

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