Oddly enough, the mouthguard was not initially meant as a way to protect one’s teeth. Invented in Germany before the turn of the century, the mouthguard was intended to protect a boxer’s lips from being cut in the midst of a bout. Soon, however, their ability to protect and cushion our teeth became obvious.

Mouthguards are now being employed in dozens of sports across Australia and the world, and their benefits have been aiding sportsmen and women to smile more broadly for many years now. They cushion and protect your teeth, lips, gums, and tongue from on-field blows. They prevent the ‘snapping’ shut of your jaw. They can prevent soft tissue and muscle injuries to the tongue and jaw. And they have also been linked to the prevention of concussions among young people.

These devices are in use across the more obvious, contact-based sports, such as rubgy, football, and lacrosse. However, they have been finding their way in to more and more arenas, including cricket, basketball, and even volleyball. The reasons are numerous: the players aren’t expecting contact from their opponents, and they can often come from blind angles. Recent research in to the long-term impacts of mouthguards has further compelled players to use them.

At North Ryde Macquarie Park Dental, we can fit mouthguards to the aspiring sportsmen and women in your family. Fitted to last, the use of a professional to fit your mouthguard ensures that it is fitted properly, so it won’t let you down at ‘crunch’ time, preventing broken teeth and unwanted visits to your North Ryde dentist. Make an appointment today.

Our team of expert dentists at Macquarie Park is passionate for our work, and we look to provide a lasting solution to any and all of your dentistry needs. Book your appointment with us today, and smile wider with North Ryde Macquarie Park Dental.

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