The summer has, at long last, swept down upon us here at your Macquarie Park and North Ryde dental clinic, and with it comes a change in taste. We no longer look for the heavier, more stupefying foods of the colder months. Rather, we want something lighter, and tartier, on the palate.

This reality is played on both our plates and in in our glasses, and in recent years, the classic Italian beverage of prosecco has become all the rage in Sydney’s bar scenes. A carbonated wine beverage, prosecco is served cold, and its tart sweetness and easy-drinking nature has proved it ideal for many in this city, during the warm months, in particular.

However, this drink hides a dark secret. It is among the worst of all alcoholic beverages for your pearly whites. Its acidity, along with its high sugar concentrations – as much as one teaspoon per flute – provides a double-whammy.

It is worth highlighting a number of fellow poor choices in the drinker’s market. The innocent vodka/cranberry is another poor choice, as many cranberry mixers have been heavily sugared to remove their inherent sourness. Whiskey or and rum and coke mixes are similarly bad, but the worst is the innocent hangover cure, the Bloody Mary. Its sky-high acidity presents a tough go for anyone’s teeth, with the only benefits coming from the celery.

Luckily, there are some good options for the summertime drinker. Cava and light beers provide low-sugar and cool options. The humble, yet classy, gin and tonic is good too, especially if you avoid the lime. Better yet, create your own mixers using organic fruits. Your teeth will thank you for it.

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