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The main purpose of dental fillings is to restore worn, damaged or broken teeth and to treat tooth decay. Typically, a drill is used to remove the decay and the hole is then cleaned and dried and sealed with a dental filling material.

What is the most common choice of filling materials?

Nowadays, the filling material of choice is a composite material, which is tooth-coloured material. Another popular filling material is called dental amalgam, or a silver filling. At North Ryde Dentists, amalgams are only used on rare occasions when the white filling material might not be suitable because it is generally less durable than silver amalgam. This might be necessary for back teeth because they sometimes require stronger filling material due to heavy wear. Other common filling materials are gold, porcelain, plastic, composite resin, and glass ionomer.

What filling material is best for my teeth?

North Ryde Dentists will gladly help you choose an appropriate filling material depending on your budget and personal preferences.
Gold and silver amalgam fillings are usually more durable and will approximately last between 10 and 15 years but many people do not consider them aesthetically pleasing. Gold ones are also quite expensive.

Tooth-colored composite material, on the other hand, is the most popular choice because it provides a natural look to your teeth. What is more, it bonds with your existing tooth structure on a micro level thus providing you with additional support. This makes it perfectly convenient for your front teeth.

However, tooth-coloured composite dental fillings are not as nearly as durable as silver amalgams or gold ones and will last for 5 years tops. Also, they are more expensive than silver amalgams, and dental procedures including composite materials generally require that you spend more time at your dentist.

Other most common types of fillings include glass ionomer and porcelain. The first one is commonly used for fillings that need to be placed just above the gum line and can also last for approximately five years while the latter is used to create the stain-resistant filling and its price is similar to that made of gold. Additionally, it also has similar durability (will serve you for more than 15 years).

What are the temporary fillings?

This type of filling is usually used if you need a more complicated procedure, such as root canal, or as a temporary measure to help soothe the inflamed pulp in case it is overly irritated. As the name says, they are just temporary, so do not forget to pay a final visit to your dentist and have the permanent filling placed when you agree.

How to make sure your dental fillings last longer?

Make sure your brush at least twice a day, floss and use mouthwash regularly. Do not grind your teeth and abstain from other harmful habits such as nail-biting.

Is the procedure painful? How will I feel afterward?

No, dental fillings North Ryde procedure is not painful. Our dental filling North Ryde patients will get a shot of a local anesthetic that numbs the area with the tooth that requires filling because we want them to feel relaxed and at peace knowing they will not experience any pain or discomfort during any of our procedures. You might feel a slight discomfort once the anesthetic stops working but you can rest assured that administering an anesthetic, which is equal to mild sting, is probably more painful than the procedure itself.

Come in and see us at North Ryde Dental and Dr Simita Sehgal. Your teeth will be just the way they should be.

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