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Some people are fortunate to have all four wisdom teeth erupt and grow into place normally. However, many people get their wisdom teeth pulled out between ages 17-25 because they experience various troubles with them. Namely, they can cause pressure on other teeth or can cause food particles and bacteria to be trapped in the mouth resulting in the risk of infections and gum disease.

When is the wisdom tooth removal procedure advised?

If they are causing you pain. Wisdom teeth are located so deep in our mouth they sometimes get “trapped” and this can be quite painful. They can also create pressure on your other teeth because they are coming out from a wrong angle. Also, some people have smaller jaws that are simply not meant for another pair of molars.

Further, if you suffer from gum disease or cavities, chances are you are going to need the wisdom tooth removal North Ryde procedure because they are set pretty deep in your mouth, which makes performing basic oral hygiene routines, such as flossing, difficult. You cannot reach them properly with your toothbrush, which can quicken the outset of cavities and make other tooth decaying processes develop faster.

What does a wisdom tooth removal procedure include?

The procedure itself is relatively short, the healing process does not take too long, and you are able to proceed with your usual activities the next day. You will receive anesthesia and will not feel any pain during wisdom tooth removal North Ryde procedure. You can talk to us at North Ryde dental and tell if you take any therapy or suffer from any medical condition because it can play an important role in choosing the adequate anesthesia for you.

The procedure itself lasts for about 40-45 minutes. Based on your previous medical history and your personal circumstances, we will choose whether to give you a shot of local anesthetic that will completely numb the area where the procedure is taking place, or we might opt for the IV sedation, which is more convenient for more complex cases where the wisdom tooth can only be reached by cutting your gums or bone. Should this be the case, you will be drowsy or even completely asleep during the procedure and possibly some time afterward. Regardless of the type of sedation, we make sure that our patients do not feel even the slightest discomfort during their tooth wisdom removal procedure.

Is the wisdom tooth removal procedure painful?

No, because we make sure to provide the right type of local anesthetic or sedation to our patients depending on their unique situation.

How to behave after the procedure?

Make sure you eat soft foods and use ice packs on your face to avoid swelling. Take the pain and swelling meds as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t brush the area where the wisdom tooth used to be before it is completely healed. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, do not be reluctant to give us a call so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Our North Ryde dentists will investigate and advise you about your wisdom teeth. This is one of the most common dental procedures and can in some cases be done in the dental chair.

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