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Have you broken a tooth or lost a filling, or chipped your tooth? Broken teeth will often leave the nerve exposed. This can cause considerable pain when contacted, as well as strong sensitivity to heat and cold. Neither of these makes your day more enjoyable. Luckily, there is a nearby solution. If you have suffered broken teeth, you are in the right place. Our versatile and professional broken denture repair North Ryde practice can sort out any dental needs you might have.

Teeth prone to chipping or breaking usually have an undetected form of decay or full-blown caries. Caries weakens the teeth and in some cases, it can even lead to teeth breaking. That is why a regular visit to the dentist’s office is of crucial importance.

Urgent Broken Denture Repair

Once your tooth breaks or experiences a crack, you need to act immediately. Your fractured tooth is in such condition susceptible to quickly getting infected and that is something you wish to avoid. When a tooth has a cavity, is broken or the current filling has come off, it opens the door for bacterial contamination and decay. A new filling is required.

You should not leave it as the bacteria can travel down into the nerve and cause bigger problems. The infection will require treatment and your tooth cannot be restored until the infection recedes. This can further complicate the whole procedure and that is why it is urgent to get help as soon as possible.

In cases of lighter damage when just a part of the enamel is chipped, the dentist can fix it with a bit of filling. Afterwards, they will file down the filling to return the feel of a previous tooth edge.

Severe Tooth Fracture

If you experienced a more severe fracture, you will first need to have an x-ray so that our broken denture repair North Ryde dentist can see what is the in-depth condition of the tooth and whether the root got damaged in the process. In case just a part of the tooth is missing, there is a big chance that bonding will restore your smile. Bonding is a procedure in which special adhesive material is placed on the fractured tooth and it is then shaped in a way to mimic the missing part.

People can also suffer more extreme teeth damage, which can end up with complete teeth missing. Such patients need more complicated operations, which can include placing of the dental crowns, dental veneers or dental implants. After consultations with the dentist and after selecting the right treatment, the patient will be prepared for the procedure.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the patient will have to abide by the dentist’s advice and follow them rigorously. Usually, the outcome of the operation depends on the treatment and therapy and whether patients listened to the dentists’ instructions. Regular trips to the dentist are also important so that they can oversee the healing process.

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