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Children have sensitive teeth which call for an additional dose of patience and they need a careful approach. It is important for them to embrace regular visits to the dentist as something normal and to battle their worries if there are any. Parents should pass this habit on to their children so they could have healthy and pretty teeth. Taking care of the teeth is as important as taking care of your overall health.

Children face falling out of the baby teeth. Even though it may seem scary at first, our North Ryde Children’s Dentist will first need to explain to young patients that this is completely normal and that is should occur. Children will relax once they understand that the baby teeth need to fall out so that they can make space for “new” teeth. These teeth can hurt for a bit so in case your child is feeling discomfort due to the growth of the adult teeth, we can prescribe some light analgetics taking into the account the child’s age.

Importance of Learning to Take Care of the Teeth

The earlier the kids get used to their occasional trips to the dentist, they will more quickly accept the fact that their teeth need to be taken care of. We can educate your kids on how to properly wash their teeth and once their teeth are strong enough, we will explain everything about flossing as well.

Parents should supervise their children in the beginning and take notice if they are not washing their teeth incorrectly or not enough. Also, it is the parents’ duty to reduce the intake of sweets, fizzy drinks and sugar overall. In this sensitive age, children are more susceptible to cavities.

Children’s Broken Teeth and Safety Measures

Some children are highly active. They are either running around, climbing trees and fences, or they are playing sports at school. In some cases, they end up with their teeth broken or damaged from a fall or from a piece of sporting equipment. After they have settled down it is time for our dentists to explain to them that their teeth will look the same as before when the operation is done.

In order to minimize the chances of such unpleasant events, we suggest to parents to have their child fitted for a mouthguard, especially if they are seriously pursuing a sport. That way they can rest assured that their child is safe and that they won’t hurt their teeth or mouth.

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Plenty of children come to our North Ryde Dentist. Some of Dr Simita Sehgal’s patients came for the first time as 2-3-year-olds with mum or dad and now travel to see her from all over Sydney.

We do our utmost to make it a fun and positive experience and every child leaves our North Ryde dentistry with a memento of their visit AND a new sparkly toothbrush. Every part of the treatment is explained directly to the child and they get to touch and feel any instruments that are being used. Many children that come for the first time might only do a ride in the chair, but it is a positive start to their dental experience.

Once they get used to the surroundings, Dr Simita Sehgal is often able to actually have a good look in their mouth and perform any treatment required. It is important to take good care of our young patients and to educate them about the importance of their teeth and oral hygiene and eliminate all fears of the dentist. Our aim is for them to grow into confident, vibrant and strong individuals with healthy and beautiful SMILES.

Children’s dentistry includes:

  • Comprehensive examination with cleaning, scaling and fluoride application. (Fluoride is the most effective agent available to help prevent tooth decay)
  • Hygiene Consultation and instruction in good oral hygiene techniques
  • Low dose digital x-rays
  • Fissure seals
  • Composite (white) fillings
  • Custom made Mouth guards, a MUST for sport
  • Care for anxious children
  • Emphasis on preventative dentistry
  • Trauma management, when teeth get knocked out
  • Orthodontic assessments
  • Medicare Teen Dental Plan

At North Ryde Children’s Dentist you will be quoted price before any work is commenced.

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