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Dental Fissure Sealants at North Ryde Dental Practice

Dental sealants or fissure seals are resin or plastic coatings that are applied to pits and fissures on chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect and create a physical barrier against decay and to help prevent cavities.

This dental procedure is mainly done because these grooves are especially prone to decay given they are difficult to reach when it comes to cleaning, so food and bacteria usually stick in them. Dental fissure sealants are meant to make the surface of back teeth smoother, and thus easier to clean.

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure is very quick, and it takes only a few minutes per tooth. First, the tooth is cleaned using a special solution. Then, it is dried, and sealant is applied to fissures. We use a special blue light lamp to allow the sealant to harden as fast as possible so that a patient can eat, drink and carry on with their usual activities as soon as possible.

Why are fissure sealants popular when it comes to children’s dental services?

Children are at the highest risk for tooth decay because they do not have that developed oral hygiene habits so fissure sealants are usually the first line of defense from the cavity for our youngest patients.

Also, dental sealants are often used on children with new teeth due to some other reasons. According to one study, over 40% of caries in permanent teeth occurs in molar fissures because they retain food and plaque. Therefore, it is recommended that all children get resin-based fissure sealants as quickly as their molars come through because these teeth are especially susceptible to rapid decaying.

Also, we all know how children can easily get nervous and are sometimes not even willing to cooperate at all with a dentist due to fear or other reasons. Fissure sealants can be a great choice for them because they will get quick, painless protection from tooth decay and parents will be at ease knowing they did all they could to provide their kids with a good cavity defense. It is also possible that applying dental sealants will be good psychological preparation for kids before other more complicated dental procedures because they will learn these procedures are not as scary as they thought would be.

How long do fissure sealants last?

Fissure sealants are not designed to last forever. However, with proper care and occasional dental controls, dental sealants can surely last for several years. Still, they can wear off with time, so regular checkups to see whether the decay has appeared underneath the seal or adding some material to make them stronger will surely make them last longer.

Is the procedure painful?

Not at all! The procedure does not include the use of a drill or any other similar instrument meaning that no use of anesthetic is required either. The procedure is not invasive – it is actually preventive. As we already mentioned, the tooth is prepared using only a special solution. Once it is completely dry, the sealant is applied and allowed to set hard. It’s as simple as that!

At North Ryde Dental Practice, we have vast experience with fissure sealants and believe they have an important role in protecting the young generations’ teeth. Give us a call today and make an appointment for your child! The prevention should start as early as possible.

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