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Endodontic treatment or a root canal is a treatment needed to save the extensively decayed tooth. It requires the removal of an irreversibly inflamed tooth nerve and pulp, cleaning of your tooth canal/canals and filling them with appropriate material before sealing a tooth. It belongs to the group of major dental procedures so you will probably want to entrust it to a reliable dental service in North Ryde.
A root canal usually comes as a result of serious tooth decay, untreated cavity, repeated dental procedures or the existence of a hole in a tooth that allows bacteria to find their way through the enamel straight into the tooth’s pulp and nerve. This causes inflammation deep inside your tooth and often leads not only to a massive toothache but can cause swelling, too.

Is a root canal filling really the best choice for me? Why not just pull it out when it hurts so badly?

It is always better to keep a tooth than to pull it out. Despite the fact that nerve has an important sensory role, teeth can exist even if we take the infected pulp out, and we should always opt to save as many of our own teeth as we can. The loss of a tooth can cause more problems down the road and if we pull out too many of them, we might not be able to have certain prosthetic or cosmetic works later in life.
Simply put, as we get older, we are going to need as many of our own teeth as possible!

Will I feel pain during the procedure? Does it hurt afterward?

No. You will receive anesthetic and if you still have a toothache, you will feel much better immediately. Also, we want our patients to feel relaxed during the procedure.
Root canals are performed to relieve pain – not to cause more of it. Our patients say that the root canal is no more painful than a regular filling procedure. While it is normal to experience some pain or discomfort after the procedure itself, you should be able to relieve it with some of the most common over-the-counter painkillers.
If the pain increases in the days following the procedure, we suggest you call us right away.

This is how a root canal is done:

Bacteria have reached your tooth’s nerve through enamel. This causes inflammation at the end of the tooth, which is usually accompanied by a bad toothache and swelling. We will probably suggest taking an X-Ray first to learn more about the look and shape of your canals, and then plan the rest of the procedure accordingly. This also allows us to eliminate the possibility of infection in the surrounding bone.
We will then drill through the enamel. You will be given a local anesthetic to take the pain away. The nerve in your tooth is dead and chances are you would not feel any pain even without anesthesia, but we still decide to anesthetize our patients to make sure they are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.
Once the canal has been exposed, small files are used to clean the nerve material out. This can feel a bit uncomfortable. Once the canal has been cleaned out of bacteria, infected pulp, and other similar debris, a special material is put into the canal/canals, and then a filling is put on top. In certain cases, we need to put a temporary filling inside your tooth to treat the infection first. Then, after a week or so, we will put a permanent filling and seal your tooth.
Your root canal North Ryde procedure typically involves 2-3 visits, but we can assure you – they are entirely worth it.

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