It is a fact that dental care has become an important part of caring for our physical health, and great dental care always starts young. One cannot deny the importance of developing a healthy oral care routine at a young age for a brilliant and beautiful smile later in life. Children’s dentistry is a special field for kids, where dental professionals offer hygiene and dental care according to the child’s needs.

A paediatric dentist specialises in treating children because a child’s requirements differ completely from those of adults. The main goal of a paediatric dentist is to make a child’s visit more enjoyable. Let’s learn more about a paediatric dentist, his responsibilities and how he differs from a general dentist.

What is a Paediatric Dentist?

A paediatric dentist is an individual who is committed to offering specialised dental care to kids as well as teens, as we know that kids and teenagers have to go through different cycles of change and growth before reaching the age of 18. Therefore, children’s dentistry is dedicated to supporting the dental health of these young patients.

Young age is a very important time to establish care rituals and good oral health practices, and this is why many parents take their children to a paediatric dentist. This way, they can install solid oral health routines for the child that can be helpful for their future. Other than that, they perform oral exams to stop potential issues that can become serious problems over time. The best thing about a child dentist is that he can calm the child and eliminate the negative stigma of the dentist’s clinic.

What Does a Paediatric Dentist Do?

The main goal of the paediatric dentist is to help the young patient maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth to establish lifelong oral habits. The following are some of the major responsibilities of a paediatric dentist.

  • Evaluate the child’s medical and dental history and perform a complete oral exam.
  • Educates the patient about different dental conditions and diseases, disease prevention and good oral hygiene.
  • Interpret different imaging and laboratory tests, like X-rays.
  • Diagnose oral diseases based on tests and exams.
  • Offers preventive dental care, which includes fluoride treatments and dental cleanings.
  • Performs with other dental specialists to ensure optimal health for the child.
  • Treat several conditions and diseases like cavities and discoloured and misaligned teeth.

Difference Between a Paediatric and a General Dentist

In general, both the paediatric and the general dentist offer the same treatment options to their patients. The main difference is that a paediatric dentist completes additional helpful training, especially working with children. Paediatric dentists completely understand young patients’ special needs and how to work with them, especially those who fear visiting a dentist.

Most paediatric dentists have children’s dentistry specially designed by keeping the kids in mind. They also have specially designed equipment that doesn’t look scary to the children. If a patient of a child with disabilities needs extensive dental treatment, the paediatric dentist offers general anaesthesia or sedation to such a patient. So, because of specialised training, the paediatric dentist is prepared to handle difficult behavioural situations.

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