Any individual’s oral health is linked to his body’s general health. That is why dentists emphasise immediately addressing the problems of the teeth. In most cases, a root canal becomes the only solution to eliminate tooth infection. This infection can result from an injury to the tooth or a cavity.

Although sometimes it can be challenging to tell if you need a root canal. Therefore, you need to look at the root canal symptoms to know when it is the right time to visit the dentist. Read on to learn more about these symptoms.

Why Do We Need a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is the process of relieving the pain caused by an abscessed or infected tooth. The inflamed pulp is removed in the process, whereas the surface inside the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. A root canal becomes necessary when the oral bacteria invade the pulp inside the tooth.

We usually need a root canal treatment when we leave the cavity untreated for a long time. It is worth mentioning that a damaged or cracked tooth due to trauma may also be one of the root canal symptoms. Therefore, root canal therapy becomes necessary if you want to save the tooth.

Symptoms of a Root Canal

  • Sensitivity to Hold and Cold

If you are experiencing sensitivity when drinking hot or cold drinks, it can clearly indicate that you have an infected nerve in one of the teeth. You need to pay attention to the area of discomfort, and if the pain is around in your same tooth, then you may need a root canal.

  • Toothache

Severe toothache is the most common sign of a root canal. This pain may be in your tooth and the surrounding gum line. It is a result of damage to the nerve located in the pulp. The sensation can be intense when you eat, and you will still notice pain when touching the tooth.

  • Swollen Gums

Gum inflammation is also quite common, and several oral problems like tooth injury or gingivitis can cause it. If you have swollen gums at the base of the tooth, the issue can be more significant and a clear indication of an infection.

  • Tooth Discolouration

There could be several reasons for tooth discolouration, mainly because of poor oral hygiene and staining from tea, coffee, or cigarettes. Discolouration can also result from nerve damage; in this case, blood can enter the tooth and stain your pulp.

What Should You Do If you are sure that You Need Root Canal Therapy?

If you think you have any root canal symptoms, you must remain vigilant. The most crucial thing for you is to visit the dentist and have root canal therapy. You must take the following steps if you suspect you need a root canal.

  • If you misdiagnose your tooth’s status, you may go for some home remedies to solve it by yourself instead of seeking treatment. Instead of doing this, if you have any of the symptoms, it is better to let the dentist evaluate the condition sooner than later.
  • When you are sure you have the symptoms of a root canal, the best way is to establish contact with the dentist and get treatment. It is worth mentioning that the teeth needing endodontic therapy are unpredictable, as the consequences can flare up and become severe in no time.

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If you have any root canal symptoms, visit North Ryde Dental, as we can help you with all your root canal problems. In a root canal treatment, our experts will clean your invasive bacteria out of the root, fill it with a biocompatible material, and then seal it again. You can experience affordable dental care at North Ryde Dental and use the latest dental offers. 

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