If you have ever been a snorer – or have slept next to one – you will understand the difficulty with which they may pose to their significant others. Snorers can be consistently loud, and even heavy sleepers can often be woken up by the noise.

Snoring is the result of the vibration of respiratory structures. When one breathes during sleep, their respiratory tract is often only half-opened, leaving them prone to creating noise unwittingly. Ominously, it can also be an early harbinger of sleep apnea, and should be considered a medical condition.

However, all is not lost. There are methods that your dental professionals can employ to keep your snoring manageable, for both you and your loved ones, and your North Ryde and Macquarie Park dental clinic can help you out.

We employ the vaunted SomnoMed to aid our clients in their quest for a good, quiet night’s rest. This system operates to ensure that your airway is kept open, without constriction. This allows your inhaled breathe easier passage, removing the sound of your snoring, and encouraging better rests. Fitted in your mouth, each of these appliances is custom fit for each snorer, and is ensured to fit perfectly. They are comfortable to wear, and can make a noted difference to your sleep patterns.

We don’t always think of our dental clinic in North Ryde or Macquarie Park as being the expert on snoring and sleeping habits. But the snoring problem begins in the mouth and throat, so who better to help you to cope with the problem? This remarkable system can ensure that your household wakes up well-rested and happy, ready to tackle the day. Check it out today, or contact us for a discussion on how it can help you.