As we grow and develop, from infancy to adulthood, our teeth and mouths must grow with us. Perhaps the most spectacular example of our metamorphosis is the loss of our baby teeth, which are shed in our youth, making way for our permanent set. Our baby teeth only require a comparatively short window of maintenance, but of late, we at your North Ryde and Macquarie Park dental clinic have noticed that more and more young patients are developing cavities in these formative years. This occurs even among children as young as two years of age. We believe that a high sugar diet is the culprit.

When ingested, sugar turn into acidic plaque, and this attacks the tough enamel on the outside of your teeth. This becomes the resultant cavity, although it is a time-heavy process. Naturally, the higher the amount of sugar content, the faster the process will occur. The problem is related to the amount of sugar being added to our foods today. Ordinarily, sweet intake can be dictated by the parents. However, sugar is now being added to so many foods – including some you might not realise, such as breads or granola bars – that it is far more difficult to avoid.

This could be because of its ability to mask unpleasant tastes, but regardless, it has become a problem of increasing worry for dental professionals. As your Macquarie Park Dentist and North Ryde dental clinic, we tell many parents that they must ensure they are on top of their child’s food intake, or risk visiting us more often.